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The Community Values coupon book is available available starting each fall and only thru Schools, Non-Profits and Community Groups.   This 3-part book of coupons is designed to promote local business, encourage family time, save money, and help schools and community groups raise funds by selling the Community Values coupon book. It’s an authentic new take on the traditional coupon book.

More than just a Coupon Book!

We believe in bringing community together. Now more than ever we need to work as one collective to help.  Help our local merchants build back business.   Help our local non-profit organizations raise much needed funds.  Help our local families save money.

Earn High Profits While Helping Families Save Money

Here are some key points. 

No risk. High profit per book made. You keep the funds and pay us for what you have sold. That makes things a lot easier for you. We can help with prizes and incentives too based on what your goals are.  We have a lot of years’ experience working with schools and non-profits and we are parents and chair people that fundraise too… so… we do understand your world hands on and the challenges and decisions you face.

If you are interested in working together to sell the Community Values book and help your group raise funds…. leave us a bit of information in the form below.  One of our team will get back to you very soon. 



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