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Choose Wise

When selecting a fundraiser, look for products that offer quality, value and variety; free support tools to help you promote your sale and make it easier to run; and sales methods that are safe and allow you to sell as much as possible to maximize your fundraiser’s profits. fundraising ideas 


Local Canadian Company


Natural and Organic Products


Support from One Stop Fundraising. Free marketing materials, coaching and fundraising tips available

Fundraising Ideas

How You Can Raise money

fundraising ideas
SET goals

A clear objective helps ensure you raise enough funds to purchase what you need.

fundraising ideas
Choose your campaign

When selecting a fundraiser, look for products that offer quality and free support tools.

fundraising ideas
REcruit Volunteers

Volunteers can be your fundraiser’s greatest asset. Recognize and reward everyone.

fundraising ideas

A good fundraising company can provide many ideas for motivational rewards and tips.

fundraising ideas

Our Mission

We want to be the first and last call you need to take to attain your fundraising goals. fundraising ideas 

The best original, local products

One Stop Fundraising goal is to cooperate with local companies in search for the most valuable fundraising ideas. Our responsibility to local community is our priority.

Your success is our success

One Stop Fundraising mission is to provide schools and organizations with proper training and equip them with tools to run most successful fundraisers time after time.

Don’t Forget to Have Fun! fundraising ideas

A fundraiser is an opportunity to strengthen community ties, provide a positive experience for participants, and most importantly, to raise money for the things your school / team needs.

Details and Planning Matter fundraising ideas

Volunteers can be your fundraiser’s greatest asset. With some up-front planning you can maximize their impact and take a lot of work and responsibility off your shoulders. Before you start recruiting help you should get familiar with One Stop Fundraising steps to a successful fundraising event.

One Stop Fundraising Campaigns

One Stop Fundraising offers the following campaigns. Please contact us for more information and ideas with running a successful fundraising event for your school, team or organization.

Coupon Book

The Community Values book offers Buy 1 Get 1 and up to 50% off discounts. Books are available thru Schools, and Community Groups for amazing local deals

Organic Coffee

The freshest, finest artisan-roasted coffee for your fundraiser. Local, organic, fair trade coffee always fresh in each cup.


Dairy Queen Cakes

Here's a sweet deal for a great school fundraiser in the Langley, BC area with the Dairy Queen Cake program

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