About Republica Coffee

Freshest Roasted Coffee  beans

Fair trade organic coffee

Republica Coffee Roasters Inc. is founded on the traditions of a coffee oriented community, beginning with the family owned coffee farms – from seed to tree, to cherry, and eventually to the cup of coffee. After studying for two years and practicing everything to do with coffee, they soon realized there is a better coffee out there, and we feel they have delivered this with the freshest roasted beans.

Republica Coffee Roasters is a locally owned 

and operated artisan coffee roasteria located on 9203 Glover Rd. Fort Langley, the historic birth place of BC.

Aware of Community

At Republica staff is very aware of our community and environment. They are the only local coffee roaster that provides its coffees in paper bags lined with PLA, a biodegradable corn based liner, instead of the commonly seen plastic or plastic lined paper bags. Their bags are completely biodegradable once the tin tie on the top of the bag is removed..


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