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Smoked Salmon Wild Pacific 

Looking for a unique fundraising idea ?

With this Health Canada approved wild pacific salmon, you and your friends will find many uses for the product. It’s 5 year shelf life is great for taking camping, using in emergency preparedness kits or last minute hosting for those unexpected guests.
Smoked and Maple glazed salmon makes a unique gift idea for Christmas or Fathers Day fundraisers.

Choose WILD Salmon

Wild salmon can be fished in a sustainable manner that is not harmful to the environment. Using methods of line fishing and gill netting, wild salmon can be caught while causing minimal impact on marine populations and ecosystems.

Farm salmon is non-sustainable and can be damaging for the environment. Often as much as 3 pounds of fish is required to raise 1 pound of farm salmon! Compared to farmed salmon, wild salmon is more nutritious and carries fewer toxins.

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You’ll receive a product information sheet and a sample letter for your members to show to prospective buyers. All of these forms are ready for you to easily customize with your group’s name and reason for the fundraising program.



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