About Willow Creek

Healthy Snacks Organic and Nutritional

Simply Nutritional

Willow Creek’s goal is to provide needed funding to the various schools and clubs across Canada, but as importantly to help provide the nutrition that will help consumers in building stronger, healthier bodies by supporting their nutritional and energy needs.

Grab & Go healthy convenience

These healthy Grab & Go Organic snacks are NUT FREE and GLUTEN FREE, which makes them perfect for adding to your kids school lunchboxes or to your own when you head off to work. They are nutritious, energizing snacks for the whole family, that you can thrown in your bag as you rush between activities or watch a team game or practice. Its Grab & Go healthy, convenient snacks with a taste you will love.


Feelin’ Good!

What is inside the package ultimately ends up inside the body and Willow Creek has focused their product line to provide solid sources of fiber, protein, omega 3’s and ultimately a full line of complex carbohydrates which provide longer lasting energy than simple carbohydrates from more processed foods.



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